The Westside Livery Equineshare scheme is designed for people who want to ride without the cost, commitment and time that is associated with owning your own horse. All that is required by any Equineshare member is an appreciation of horses and a desire to ride.

How it works:

All riders will have an assessment lesson prior to joining and will then have a trial period.

The trial period will last up to four weeks. During the trial period, all riding will be supervised by our qualified instructor in the school and out on your first hack.

At the end of the four weeks trial, you will have another assessment to insure you can ride unsupervised. Beginners and intermediates will have ample opportunity to practice and improve.

On your assigned days you are encouraged and welcome to assist in caring for your share horse. This gives you an opportunity to get to know and have confidence around your horse.

After or during the trial period, lessons are available at cost and will need to be booked with our instructor. For those new to horses, stable management tuition is available at Westside Livery. Please contact us for details.



There is an annual membership fee, which will be waived if you join during 2009!

Equineshare fees are charged monthly for the number of days that you wish to ride the horse per week. Please see the 2009 Price List for details.

Daily fees are designed for the use of the ponies and younger participants who may wish to ride a pony for a specific event, or for one-off use. This assumes a competent adult is on hand to supervise. The adult will need to be approved as competent by us. 

Riders will need to take out their own riders insurance. There are several insurance companies offering cover including Petplan Equine (0800 783 7777) and NFU Mutual Horse Rider Insurance (0800 316 4661).