Livery rates to apply from 1st September 2011

Non Working Grass Livery

To include field and additional forage if required.



DIY Grass Livery

To include field and additional forage if required and use of facilities.




To include stable, hay/haylage, grazing and use of facilities.




To include stable, hay/ haylage, grazing, use of facilities, straw, shavings or Aquamax *(see note below), 5 days turn in and out with basic care of the horse and dry feed. This also includes very basic hay and water on weekend mornings.



As part but with 7 full days care, straw, shavings or Aquamax *(see note below) and feed included.



Pony Boxes

A reduction of £25/month over the above prices will be given for smaller ponies who reside in the smaller 10' x10' pony boxes.


Full with exercise or competition




Is included in Part & Full Livery costs. We will provide the following basic feeds ; beet, oats, cool mix/ nuts, chaff and a basic conditioning mix for horses that need it. Any other supplements will be the owners responsibility. Normal rates of feed have been allowed for (equivalent of a scoop a day). People feeding high volumes will be charged a supplement


Straw £25/month

Shavings/Aquamax at cost

If excessive shavings are used they will be charged at cost.


More Services

Monthly turnout or bring in etc. for assisted DIY.


Day care in the week & holiday cover for DIY.


Exercise or work; lunge, ride and lead, hack.



Mane or tail pulling

Clipping & Trimming

Competition exercise



Costs of the grooming services are available upon enquiry.


* As with feed, if excessive shavings or Aquamax are used, they will be charged at cost. Normal is considered to be 6 bales per month.